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Kornit Presto MAX: Direct-to-Fashion Sustainable Production

The Presto MAX harnesses Kornit’s advanced MAX technology to give you complete ownership over the on-demand, Direct-to-Fabric manufacturing process.

Streamline Direct-to-Fabric production and redefine it with these capabilities:

• Higher quality: Meets the highest quality standards of the world’s top brands.
• One step, multiple goals: A single-step process that exceeds market expectations.
• Business success: Innovative applications and business models boost your market share.
• Simply the best: Simplifies your production and improves printing results on multiple fabrics.
• A better (foot) print: Minimizes businesses’ environmental footprints.


  • The most sustainable single-step process on the market

    The most sustainable single-step process on the market

  • Meets fashion and home décor highest quality standards

    Meets fashion and home décor highest quality standards

  • Great hand-feel and high drape results

    Great hand-feel and high drape results

  • White spot printing on colored fabrics

All about Kornit Presto MAX: Direct-to-Fashion Sustainable Production

  • The only Single-step solution on the market.

  • Great hand-feel and drape results with Kornit’s DuoSoft.

  • Leap ahead of the competition with special applications that include white spot prints on colored fabrics and neon color designs.

  • Coming soon: Kornit's XDi technology, the 3D decorative applications that include threadless embroidery, high-density, vinyl, and screen transfer effects.

  • Ensures consistency with autonomous calibration technology with Kornit QualiSet

  • Enhanced print durability

  • Prints on a wide variety of fabrics

  • Workflow solutions

  • Integration with Kornit’s EcoFactory

  • Production data insights via Kornit Konnect

  • Minimal environmental footprint: GOTS approved, Eco-Passport certified, and CO2-neutral. Paired with the Eco-friendly Robusto ink.

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Breaking the dimensional barrier with Kornit’s XDi decorative applications

3D premium decorative applications, including threadless embroidery and screen transfer effects.
Innovative applications break creative boundaries, expand the business offering, and turn businesses into market leaders who can work with the world’s leading brands.
Premium products boost profit margins and add new revenue streams.


Printing Area up to 180 cm / 70.8 in
Ink Type Kornit’s water-based NeoPigmentTM Robusto ink + Fixation agent (FOF)
Operating system Compatible with any RIP software
Media transportation High-precision adhesive belt conveyor system
Fabric feeding system Axial unwinding system with adjustable fabric width and tension mechanisms
Max media thickness 15 mm / 0.59 in
Max roll width 180 cm / 70.8 in
Max roll outer diameter 40 cm / 15.74 in
Max roll weight 50 kg / 110.2 lb
Compressed air 6-8 bar/ ≤ 0.4 m3/min
Dryer type MCS- Modular Curing System
Special Consumables Softener, FOF

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