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Kornit Vulcan

The most cost-effective printing platform for medium runs.


  • Reduced by half cost-per-print

    Reduced by half cost-per-print

  • No more screen limitations per design

    No more screen limitations per design

  • 250 garments per hour

    250 garments per hour

  • Web-to-print enablement

    Web-to-print enablement

All about Kornit Vulcan

  • Prints with photorealistic quality

  • Developed specifically for mass production

  • Degassing system for smooth ink flow ensuring reliability and consistency

  • Eco-friendly process and biodegradable ink complies with strictest industry standards

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The Kornit Vulcan brings it all home: mass customization, top print speed, and astonishing color

accuracy in one industrial printing platform. With the full flexibility and streamlined workflow of

digital printing and a cost-per- print that rivals traditional screen printing, the Vulcan is the

ultimate solution for medium runs.



With the Vulcan, more textile printers and garment decorators can benefit from digital printing

advantages: drastically reduced turnaround times, mass customization capabilities, elimination

of setup costs, and significantly reduced labor and manufacturing space.


Print Heads 60 heads
Max Printing Resolution Up to 1,200 dpi
Ink Channels 7 colors CMYKRG + White
Ink Recirculation System Integrated
NeoPigmentTM Ink Containers 4 Liter/ 135 oz ink container bulk system
Max Production Output Light and dark garments: 250
Printing Area Up to 15.7x19.7in / 40x50 cm
Printable Substrates Cotton, Polyester, Cotton-Polyester blends, Lycra, Viscose, Silk, Denim, Linen and more
Humidity System Integrated
Wrinkle Detection System Integrated
Max Weight Approx. 6,500 kg / 14,000 lb
Power Requirements 230/110 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3PH + GND + N
Compressed Air Pressure 6-10 bar (90-145 psi) regulated
Operating system Windows 7
Operating Conditions 18°C - 30° C / 64.4°F- 86°F
Dimensions 290 x 84 x 136 in / 735 x 212 x 345 cm
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Kornit Vulcan application samples

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