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NeoPigmenttm Intenso NEON Inks

Expanding the range of digital color!
Presenting a new addition to the NeoPigment™ Intenso family – Neon Yellow & Pink inks.

The NEW NeoPigment™  Intenso Neon inks offers a:


  1. Wider application variety – Extended market reach to penetrate new market segments

  2. Extended Color Gamut – Wider and brighter than any other pigment printing solution

Enabeling the Kornit Allegro 3 new printing modes:


A. Neon Spot – Neon spot colors will be used only in the designated areas and without interference of other inks (CMYKR Process)

B. Neon Process – Maximize the color gamut in order to reproduce the widest color space with all the inks in the system (All inks are used for process print)

C. CMYK GoNeon – For realistic images with brighter pink and yellow colors (Magenta/Yellow replaced by Neon Yellow/Neon Pink)




Contact us to learn more about the NEW Kornit Allegro Intenso Neon Inks

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