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Welcome to Kornit’s fabric printing application world. With just one set of inks, Kornit direct-to-fabric technology can print on a wide range of natural textiles including cotton, silk, and linen, as well as synthetics such as polyester, lycra, and nylon. Open up your print possibilities by browsing through our applications by fabric type. Create incredible prints on home fabrics like throw blankets, bedsheets, and pillowcases. Think beyond dresses, shirts, jeans, and shorts. Dream of the endless possibilities with only your own imagination limiting you. Create beautiful, colorful, vibrant and unique prints directly onto fabric, with zero water waste and eco-friendly ink. Let your imagination run wild and allow your fabric and textiles printers to create what your mind’s eye can see. Find digital fabric printing machines available from Kornit, designed to empower you to give any textile a transformative makeover and scale it into a memorable piece of art. Contact us to learn more about our digital Direct-to-Fabric printers today!

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