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With Kornit’s advanced digital printing technology, incredible street fashion printing has never been within a closer grasp. With Kornit’s wide color gamut and the ability to print on any fabric imaginable including cotton, denim, fabric blends, polyester, synthetic spandex, viscose and elastane, the possibilities are limited only by your sense of creativity and imagination. Our street fashion printers paired with our software solutions are designed for printing detailed and photorealistic images using eco-friendly ink while leaving an excellent hand-feel. It is clear why fashion brands around the world are choosing Kornit's digital printing platforms for their fashion printing lines and businesses. Explore Kornit’s high-street fashion printers along with the breadth of applications available. Bring your next fashion dream to life whether it be designs of jackets, jeans, polos, blouses, sweaters, dresses, bags, leggings, skirts, scarves, underwear or kimonos. Contact us to learn more about our digital printing solutions for fashion. 

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