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KORNIT Presto: Direct to Fabric PRINTER

Introducing the most advanced single-step solution for direct-to-fabric printing.
Kornit Presto is a one stop shop with one-step process to every fabric printing aspect and domain.

Like its former Allegro, the Kornit Presto eliminate the need for external process steps, enabling you to achieve the best results from PFP (Prepared-For-Print) to finished digitally printed fabric faster than ever.
Now, with the new NeoPigment™ Robusto Softener, the Presto is a complete solution for printing, softening and drying in a single step.

With no water waste and in the most smart and sustainable way, the Presto opens your market reach to a wide range of applications. From fashion, baby textiles to home décor, the Presto provides high quality prints, vivid colors and great hand-feel to multiple fabric types, on-demand.


  • A Sustainable Single-Step Solution – AN ENTIRE PRODUCTION PROCESS IN ONE SYSTEM.

  • Faster than ever – advanced curing mechanism



All about KORNIT Presto: Direct to Fabric PRINTER

  • Easy setup. All it takes is a single operator and a small space.

  • Complete integration with web-to-print platforms

  • Fully automated production process

  • The shortest time from file to finished goods

  • No need for any external processes such as pre-treatment, steaming and washing

  • Prints on a wide variety of fabrics, including synthetics, naturals and blends

  • Advanced curing mechanism

  • Available in multiple speed configurations

  • Easily print-to-cut

  • Paired with the most robust ink set in the market - the NeoPigment Robusto

  • One ink set for any fabric type

  • integrated dry digital softener for use on-demand

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With only minutes from file to finished fabric, and a true sustainable process, the Kornit Presto roll to roll printer is the fastest, most cost effective way to print on textile.

The Presto system prints on multiple fabric types with just one NeoPigment™ Rubosto ink set. Kornit’s innovative and water-less printing solution include patented Fixation on the Fly (FOF) meaning fixation fluids are injected through the print heads directly onto the fabric. And now also with the NeoPigment™ Rubosto Softener for a touch of sustainable fashion on demand offering a Dry Digital Softening Process to the printed fabric. As a result, all additional steps such as pre- and post-treatment are eliminated.

kornit Robusto Softener is available for Kornit Presto systems only and not compatible with Kornit Allegro systems.

Optimize your workflow and answer the call of your customer, the market, and the environment with the efficiency of the Presto roll to roll fabric digital printing machine.

The system is easily operated by a single person and is available in multiple speed and color configurations.


Printing Area up to 180 cm / 70.8 in
Ink Type Kornit’s water-based NeoPigmentTM Robusto ink + Fixation agent (FOF)
Operating system Compatible with any RIP software
Media transportation High-precision adhesive belt conveyor system
Fabric feeding system Axial unwinding system with adjustable fabric width and tension mechanisms
Max media thickness 15 mm / 0.59 in
Max roll width 180 cm / 70.8 in
Max roll outer diameter 40 cm / 15.74 in
Max roll weight 50 kg / 110.2 lb
Compressed air 6-8 bar/ ≤ 0.4 m3/min
Dryer type MCS- Modular Curing System
Special Consumables Softener, FOF
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