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Micro-run: The evolution of digital textile production

The fashion life cycle: From short to shorter


The fashion industry works at a furious pace. Trends and styles shift and evolve, and production capabilities must follow suit.   From a single seasonal collection, designers now produce inter-seasonal items, while e-commerce and a desire for individuality drive the demand for one-of-a kind garments. Many fashion forward items are now one-offs, requiring a shorter but still profitable printing cycle.


No matter how you turn this, the consumers have spoken their minds. Personalized fashion is here to stay and by so redefine industrials short runs.


The industry demands printing in ever-smaller quantities.

Production technology must answer that need.

Introducing the micro-run:


Since the one-off trend is becoming the norm, short-runs simply aren’t enough. The industry is searching to define the solution for personalized fashion.  Kornit digital has the answer, with the Micro run.


Shorter than the short run, the micro-run enables an inexpensive run for fabric lengths as small as a meter. Extreme, inexpensive customization is now available to fashion designers and manufacturers around the world.


By eliminating many of the traditional pre and post-care steps the micro-run requires only a digital file and a single operator.  A single versatile ink adapts to different materials and encompasses a full color gamut.


Short-runs: 6-8 pre and post treatment steps.

Micro-runs: 1 step solution for small printing jobs.

The solution


Kornit Allegro,  a single step solution for long short and micro runs

About The Kornit Allegro: a full production line in a single step!

  1. Place garment.  2. Press print.  3. Ready to cut & sew! (No pre / post care needed!)


The micro-run in action: A case study


Established in 2008, Spoonflower is a growing web-to-print business in Durham, NC. The company caters to the largest community of independent fabric designers in the world, serving 2,000 orders each day with an average print of 1-2 yards. Customers upload and print their own designs on a range of fabrics, or choose from a wide range of ready-made indie design options.


“With the Kornit Allegro, the entire manufacturing process happens in one step. It essentially consolidates the entire textile industry into one machine”.
Gart Davis, Spoonflower Founding Partner


CLICK HERE to download our micro-run white paper