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Kornit Digital to introduce the new Storm Hexa to China at CITPE 2016

Industry’s best selling industrial direct-to-garment printing system showing the first time after major upgrade – Kornit’s presence will be complemented by Allegro application samples

China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Expo
25th – 27th May 2015,
Poly World Trade Centre Expo, Pazhou, Guangzhou
Booth No: T003

Kornit Digital (NASDAQ: KRNT), a long-time innovator in digital textile printing technology, will be showcasing its latest development, the Storm Hexa, for the first time in China at this year’s CITPE Show in Guangzhou.

The new Storm Hexa is equipped with 16 print heads and two additional colors for full CMYK, Red, Green and White support. It is the system of choice for color conscious applications such as the production of promotional and brand related garments. It can produce up to 170 garments per hour in high productivity mode. Its features include a recirculating ink system to reduce ink consumption and to further optimize reliability, as well as a doubled number of nozzles to increase productivity of up to 40% over previous Storm configurations. The system displayed at CITPE will be shown with its user interface localized to Simplified Chinese.

Buck Kim, Kornit’s President for Asia Pacific, comments: “The new Storm Hexa has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology to turn it into one of the most advanced industrial direct-to-garment printing systems. It delivers drastically improved throughput and further reductions in ink consumption, as well as excellent print quality. The Simplified Chinese user interface was introduced in response to the local market’s need. We believe that the Storm Hexa is a perfect production tool, and that it provides an unparalleled price-performance ratio for Chinese customers.”

Like all Kornit systems, the Storm Hexa is based on the company’s patented NeoPigment™ printing process. It eliminates external pre-treatment steps and produces colorful and highly detailed prints on a variety of fabrics (cotton, polyester, blends, denim, silk wool and more). The system is geared towards industrial mass-customization applications thanks to advanced productivity features such as a built-in pre-treatment system, a quick replace pallet mechanism, a 4-liter bulk ink system, an integrated humidity system and a backup power system for a quick and easy system start.

The company’s CITPE presence will be complemented by a demo area of high quality home textile and fashion applications from the Kornit Allegro, the only digital one-step solution for printing on roll-to-roll fabrics. The Allegro is a full digital textile production line that delivers fully finished fabrics within a seven meters production line The Allegro eliminates the entry barrier to the digital fabric printing market which is currently addressable only by manufacturers with industrial grade printing facilities. Through its simple operation, the Allegro allows for the development of new business models which cater for the strong trends of mass customization and personalization of textile in fashion and home decor. It offers amazing print quality, a vivid and wide color gamut, excellent color fastness and hand feel, and a fully sustainable and safe process.

Kornit inks meet the most rigorous environmental regulations, including OekoTex 100 standard, GOTS V3.0, heavy-metal free, formaldehyde-free and alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APE)-free. NeoPigment’s overall efficiency is complemented by brilliant and intense colors, an excellent ‘hand feel’, and long-term durability and wash fastness.
康丽数码全新Storm Hexa 成衣数码印花系统
登陆中国,首度亮相CITPE 2016 印花展
康丽数码将展出全面的印花方案:除了演示业界畅销的工业级成衣直印系统Storm平台的升级版Storm Hexa以外,更带来了一系列匹布印花方案Allegro的应用
国际纺织品印花技术展览会 (CITPE), 2015年5月25至27日
广州琶洲保利世界贸易中心,展台号: T003

2016年5月18日 – 纺织品数码印花的全球市场领导者康丽数码(Kornit Digital,纳斯达克代码:KRNT)将于今年CITPE展中,首度在中国展出其最新产品Storm Hexa。

全新的Storm Hexa 配备16 个喷头,除CMYK四色以外,还带红(R)、绿(G)和白,提供全面的颜色支援。Storm Hexa是对色彩敏感的应用的理想选择,譬如生产与宣传和品牌相关的服装。

该印花系统具有高效模式打印,它的产能高达可每小时170件成衣。其功能包括一个墨路循环系统,可减少墨水消耗并进一步优化系统的稳定性;另外,其喷头数量也是原型号的两倍,使得它比原来Storm平台的配置提升了40%的产能。在CITPE中的展出的Storm Hexa将演示本地化的简体中文的用户操作界面。

康丽数码亚太区总裁金惟中表示:“新的Storm Hexa 是市场上最先进的工业级服装直印系统之一。它提供了显著优化的产能和进一步减少墨水的消耗,以及优良的打印质量。新的简体中文用户界面乃是因应本地市场的需要而推出。我们认为,Storm Hexa是一台近乎完美的生产工具,而且它为中国客户提供了理想的性价比。”

像所有的康丽系统一样,Storm Hexa是基于公司专利的NeoPigment™打印工艺。它消除了额外的前处理工序,而且可以在多种面料(棉、涤纶、混纺、牛仔布、丝绸羊毛等)制作丰富多彩和非常细致的印花。该系统是面向工业、大规模定制应用而开发,其先进、高效的功能包括:内置预处理系统、快速更换台板装置、4升装大容量墨水系统、内置湿度控制系统,以及备用电源系统允许快速和简便的系统启动。

康丽数码通过在CITPE展会现场展出Kornit Allegro在家纺、时装等应用,以展现其在纺织品数码印花专业的全面方案。Kornit Allegro是市场上唯一真正的一站式匹布数码印花方案,它将整条数码纺织品印花生产线整合在仅仅7米之内。Kornit Allegro打破了进入数码印花市场的壁垒;通过简单的操作,Kornit Allegro让用户能配合时装和家居装饰纺织品大规模定制的趋势而发展出新的商业模式。它不仅提供了惊人的打印质量,生动而宽广的色域,出色的色牢度和手感,更重要的是它还是一个完全可持续和安全的工艺。

康丽数码的墨水符合严格的环境质量标准,包括获得Oeko-Tex 100安全应用认证,并于全球有机纺织品 (GOTS V3.0) 榜上有名,绝对不含重金属、甲醛和烷基酚聚氧乙烯醚(APE)。除此之外, NeoPigment™墨水颜色鲜艳,非常耐洗耐用。