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Kornit Digital to introduce sustainable options for textile mass customization at ITMA Asia 2016

Highlights of the presence will be Kornit Allegro and Kornit Storm Hexa
October 11, 2016 – Kornit Digital (Nasdaq: KRNT), will present at ITMA Asia 2016. The company will show a broad portfolio of digital printing technology for textiles, allowing manufacturers and retailers to benefit from waterless, sustainable processes, textile mass customization, photorealistic print quality and digital economics.

The Kornit Allegro is a 1.80m wide roll-to-roll printing system based on Kornit’s NeoPigmentTM printing technology that completely eliminates pre- and post-treatment processes for both natural and synthetic fabrics. Unlike typical digital technologies, the Kornit Allegro offers an innovative, enabling solution, saving on energy, water, space, and labor time. The Allegro eliminates the entry barrier to digital fabric printing. Through its simple operation the Allegro enables the development of new business models which cater for the strong trends of mass customization and personalization of textile in fashion and home decor. The Kornit Allegro can be located anywhere without environmental constraints, designed to support ultra-short up to medium-length runs. It offers amazing print quality, a vivid and wide color gamut, excellent color fastness and hand feel, a fully sustainable and safe process, and is OekoTex 100 certified and GOTS VERIFIED.

The print engine, which enables speeds of up to 100 linear meters per hour, features print heads with an advanced recirculating ink system. The printed fabrics are UV-resistant, with excellent wash fastness and an attractive hand feel. With full support for mass customization and personalization business models, the Kornit Allegro has a robust construction and compact footprint that makes it the ideal solution for production houses that need to print direct to virtually all types of fabric.
Kornit Digital’s roll-to-roll flagship will be joined on the booth by the brand new Storm Hexa. This direct-to-garment printing system has been equipped with state-of-the-art inkjet technology to turn it into the most advanced industrial direct-to-garment printing systems for medium-size businesses. Its features include 16 print heads and two additional colors for full CMYK, Red, Green and White support, a recirculating ink system to reduce ink consumption and to further optimize reliability and a higher number of nozzles to increase productivity of up to 40% over previous Storm configurations. It is also equipped with advanced productivity features such as a built-in pretreatment system, a quick replace pallet mechanism, a 4 liter bulk ink system, an integrated humidity system and a backup power system for a quick and easy system start.


The Storm Hexa is the system of choice for color conscious applications such as the production of promotional and brand related garments. It also can produce up to 170 garments per hour in high productivity mode.

All of Kornit’s systems are based on the company’s unique NeoPigmentTM printing process. Kornit’s own water-based inks work on a variety of fibers (natural, man-made and blends) and allow for inline-pretreatment. After printing, garments are cured with a standard hot-air dryer. The inks are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and GOTS VERIFIED.

Buck Kim, Kornit’s President of the Asian-Pacific region, comments: “Our ITMA Asia presence will feature truly sustainable printing processes for the garment and textile industry. The Kornit Allegro all-in-one waterless printing process allows printing on multiple fabric types with the same ink at minimal set up time. This enables enormous printing possibilities in just a single-step without harming the environment.”
康丽数码在 2016年ITMA亚洲展览会

亮点在于Kornit Allegro and Kornit Storm Hexa
2016年10月17日 – 纺织品数码印花领域的全球市场领导者康丽数码(Kornit Digital)[纳斯达克市场代码:KRNT] 公布其在2016年ITMA亚洲展览会的详细参展信息。公司将展示其广泛的纺织品数码印花技术方案,这些方案让制造商和零售商可受惠于无水和可持续的生产过程、纺织品大规模定制、拟真图像的打印质量和数码经济。

Kornit Allegro是一台1.80米宽的卷对卷打印系统,它基于康丽的NeoPigment™印花技术,可以完全消除对打印天然和合成织物的前、后处理工艺。 与其它典型的数码技术不同,Kornit Allegro提供了一个创新的解决方案,节省能源、水、空间和劳动时间,移除了匹布数码印花的入门屏障。 通过其简单的操作,Kornit Allegro允许开发新的商业模式,以满足大规模定制和个性化纺织品在时装和家居装饰的强大趋势。Kornit Allegro 不受环境的限制,可设置于任何地点,其设计非常适合支持“微量”到中小量生产。 它提供优异的打印质量、生动和宽广的色域、优秀的色牢度和手感、完全可持续和安全的工艺,更是OekoTex 100认证和GOTS认可。

这印花系统速度可达每小时100延米,配备带先进墨水循环系统的打印头。印花成品抗紫外线,耐洗牢度高,手感柔软。Kornit Allegro结构坚固,占地面积小,全力支持大规模定制和个性化业务模式,这些优势均使其成为需要直接打印多种面料的生产车间的理想解决方案。

康丽数码在今年的ITMA亚洲展出其卷对卷旗舰方案以外,更带同其全新的Storm Hexa亮相。Kornit Storm Hexa 是中型企业最先进的工业型数码成衣直印系统,它配备了最先进的喷墨技术,包含16个打印喷头和两个额外的颜色 – 红色和绿色,配合完整的四色CMYK和白色操作。它还有墨水循环系统,可减少墨水消耗,且进一步优化系统可靠性。Kornit Storm Hexa喷头的喷嘴更多,打印效率比原来的Storm平台快达40%。它还配备了卓越的性能,如内置预处理系统、快速更换台板装置、4升大墨系统、内置加湿系统和备用电源系统等等,这些功能有效支持快速和容易的系统启动。Kornit Storm Hexa是对色彩敏感的应用的理想选择,譬如生产与宣传和品牌相关的服装。在高生产力(High Productivity)模式下,它可每小时打印高达170件衣服。

康丽数码所有系统都是基于公司独特的NeoPigment™印花工艺。 康丽自家研发的水性墨水可用于各种纤维(天然、人造和混纺),并允许内联预处理。打印后,衣服只需要通过标准热风干燥机固化便可。康丽数码的墨水经Oeko-Tex 100认证和GOTS认可。

康丽数码亚太区总裁金惟中表示:“我们在ITMA亚洲展将为服装和纺织行业提供真正可持续的印花工艺。Kornit Allegro一站式无水印花工艺允许用家在最短的设置时间内使用同一种墨水在多种不同的面料上印花。这正正是简单的一步就能实现巨大的印花的可能性而不伤害环境。”