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Kornit Digital’s New China Office

Kornit Digital Opens China Office & Shanghai Demo Center

Leading vendor of digital textile printing technology confirms commitment to Chinese markets, demonstrates textile expertise and state-of-the-art systems

Shanghai, China, October 20, 2015 — Kornit Digital (Nasdaq: KRNT), a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, officially launched its office in China, which also functions as Shanghai demo center. Kornit Digital celebrated the opening with an official ceremony on October 19, which was attended by VIP guests from around China.


Shanghai, as the center of China’s textile trade, is the busiest market place where designers, manufacturers and buyers meet. Kornit Digital’s new office is located in Room 101, Mei Xin Building, 728 Middle Xi Zang Road, Huangpu District, with an area about 300 square meters. The demo center is equipped with the latest Kornit product line, providing customers with advice, demonstrations, sample printing and testing as well as training on Kornit’s groundbreaking solutions.

Eyal Manzoor, Managing Director of Kornit Digital Asia Pacific, comments: “The fashion market changes quickly, and the emerging trends such as personalized shopping experience and customized demands have put the customer right in the center of the equation. The appearance of innovative printing technology is not only an inheritance and supplement to traditional techniques, but also an unprecedented transformation, expanding the realm of textile manufacturing industry and impacting people’s livelihood. Kornit Digital develops quickly as a company with cutting-edge technology. It provides special printing solutions, leads the industry, and perfectly combines technology with arts, meeting various demands from our customers.” Manzoor further noted that Kornit Digital specializes in textile printing, pioneers state-of the art direct-to-garment printing solutions, contributes to the industry development driven by innovation and satisfies needs of a variety of customers ranging from entry-level to mass production.


The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of Kornit’s senior management team. Gabi Seligsohn, CEO, Sarel Ashkenazy, Executive Vice President of Sales, Eyal Manzoor, Managing Director of Kornit Digital Asia Pacific and Michael Wu, General Manager Kornit China, witnessed the exciting moment together with guests and partners. Mr. Seligsohn discussed trends, opportunities and challenges of today’s textile industry. In the demo center, guests experienced Kornit’s latest systems and exchanged ideas on latest technologies, products and future trends.

Michael Wu, China General Manager of Kornit Digital said, “China is a great textile power with a complete textile industry chain and huge marketing demands. Also, we observe a strong trend towards online and e-commerce business models in the region. Kornit Digital’s products provide textile printers the tools that they need to benefit from the economies of scale while at the same time providing a personalized product to every single customer. Kornit Digital offers technology and system support to textile entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Our constant pursuit of innovation and technology will definitely contribute to the sustainable development of China’s textile printing industry.”

康丽数码(Kornit Digital)在沪设立中国办事处暨上海演示中心 诠释先进印花技术


中国上海·2015年10月19日 –数码纺织印刷技术全球领军企业康丽数码(纳斯达克代码:KRNT)在沪正式设立中国办事处暨上海展示中心。为庆祝中国办事处暨上海演示中心开幕,康丽数码于10月19日举办揭幕仪式,众多中国区重要嘉宾应邀出席活动。


康丽数码亚太区董事总经理Eyal Manzoor先生表示:“现今的时装市场瞬息万变。个性化购物体验以及定制化需求等新兴趋势,让客户成为了市场运作的核心焦点。创新的纺织品打印技术的出现既是对传统工艺的传承和补充,也是一场前所未有的变革,将对未来的纺织制造业和人类生活方式带来深远影响。康丽数码作为一家发展强劲的技术领先型企业,不仅能够为客户提供独特的解决方案,引领行业发展,更能实现科技与艺术的完美融合,从而满足客户的不同需求。”Manzoor先生进一步表示,康丽数码提供纺织品印花专业技术,率先推出的融合尖端科技的成衣直印((Direct-to-garment)解决方案,引领行业创新发展,从而满足各阶层客户的不同需求。


在本次康丽数码中国办事处暨上海展示中心揭幕仪式上,康丽数码首席执行官Gabi Seligsohn先生、执行副总裁Sarel Ashkenazy先生、亚太区董事总经理孟易优先生以及中国办事处总经理吴重亮先生等公司高层与众多合作伙伴共同见证了办事处落成的激动人心时刻。Seligsohn先生就纺织业当前的发展形势以及面临的机遇和挑战发表了主题演讲。在展示中心内,嘉宾们亲自体验并测试了康丽数码的最新机型,并就新机型和技术以及行业未来发展进行了深入的交流和探讨。