It Must Be Love: Make Kornit MAX This Year’s Perfect Valentine Wingman

Nogah Senecky
February 14, 2023

Some people love Valentine’s Day, some don’t, but all business owners know it cannot be ignored. Whether or not you’re celebrating it with a special someone, you better be prepared to offer shoppers a great experience that feels like true love. 


The most cliché gifts are flowers and candy, but businesses looking to offer more surprising, unique, and personal gifts better say it with textile. Garments may not be the first idea that comes to mind when you think about Valentine’s, but shoppers want to be a little different, showing their loved ones they invested real thought in the gift-giving process. Here are a few stats you should know and ideas for creating a lovely printed collection for the most romantic day of the year.  


A Match Made in Heaven 


Personal stylist Lauren Messiah and relationship expert Dr. Nikki Goldstein say that couples begin to dress alike six months into their relationship. While most do so unconsciously, getting matching printed outfits has become a solid trend in recent years. Couples and even families like to get a similar outfit that unifies them and lets the world know how strong their bond truly is. Creating matching garments for Valentine’s is a clever way to boost your business.  


Be My Homebuddy  


Going out on Valentine’s can be an absolute nightmare. You have to make reservations plenty of time in advance, spend hours getting ready, and end up paying more than you planned for dinner. That’s why 30% of couples spend a romantic evening at home, cooking and enjoying some private quality time. 


For you as a business owner, this means that the printed items on offer don’t have to be fancy going-out clothes but rather athleisure items that are comfy and fun. Adjust the printed messages accordingly, making them amusing and fitting of a private setting. You can also create home décor items for couples living and loving together. Kornit’s MAX technology allows businesses to print on multiple fabrics, making different collections for all settings possible. 


Make It Personal


The most important thing about Valentine’s gifts is letting your partner know you’re thinking about them. That’s why business owners must pay attention to more than 50% of Americans who want personalized gifts because they are more thoughtful.  


Personalization is a critical capability not all businesses have, which gives those who can offer it the upper hand. Make sure to let shoppers know about this option and turn their inside jokes, memorable moments, and cute nicknames into Valentine’s garments. 


Last-minute Love


People may tell you that Valentine’s doesn’t mean anything anymore and that they don’t expect gifts from their loved ones. Don’t walk into this trap in your relationship or business plans! Research found that 53% of women who don’t receive a Valentine’s gift are likely to break up with their significant other. For those who forgot about the holiday or believed false statements about how insignificant it is, on-demand printing technology comes to the rescue. Creating a personalized garment and delivering it on time will save shoppers’ relationships and prove your business’s reliability, guaranteeing plenty of orders for years to come. 


Not Just for Couples 


If you think Valentine’s Day is just for couples – think again. The day belongs to 44% of ladies who feel just as committed to celebrating Galentine’s Day and 25% of singles who want to practice self-care and treat themselves to a gift without waiting for Prince Charming. This means that the business opportunity is much more significant than initially believed, making it essential for businesses to create various printed items for every need. 


Celebrate the chance to grow your customer base by giving yourself and your business the gift of Kornit’s MAX technology. Print any creative vision on multiple fabrics, on-demand and in the highest quality. Get ready to fall in love.