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Kornit Vulcan Plus

Maximize production capacity with minimal investment and floor space.

Produce more than 2,000 retail-quality impressions per 12-hour shift, profitably.

Print any order with no quantity or design restrictions, and deliver superior hand-feel.

Eliminate setup costs and maximize throughput per operator for unparalleled turnaround times.

Ink channel


+ White

Up to

40*50 cm

print area

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Highlight Features

Kornit HD technology

Single-step solution

Our highest-capacity DTG system, rated up to 600,000 impressions annually

Conveyor system enables swift and efficient throughput

Ink recirculation increases production reliability and reduces printing costs


Kornit’s water-based Neopigment™ eco-rapid ink raises the bar for sustainable printing consumables. Our eco-friendly pigment inks are manufactured in-house and specifically designed for Kornit systems and print technologies. Industry-leading white opacity, for high-quality prints and strong consistency. Increased color gamut and vibrancy with exceptional color-matching for best spot color coverage. Excellent color fastness, high elasticity, and non-cracking attributes. All specified to match the highest retail quality and durability standards.


Kornit’s extensive range of custom pallets expand your digital efficiency to produce more impressions with less time, effort, materials, and fuss. Engineered and precisely manufactured to work seamlessly with Kornit’s full range of direct to garment solutions. From children’s wear to zipper hoodies to leggings to custom neck tags, optimize your DTG investment by offering more applications and expanding your product line to create new opportunities.


Harness the value of your data with Kornit Konnect our cloud-based solution to access near real-time and historical production performance. Monitor, track, and benchmark the output of your Kornit systems to ensure operational efficiency and control, across multiple production sites and from any location – onsite, or remotely. Allocate resources as needed, capitalize on trends and opportunities, and mitigate risk, all with one comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard. Included with all new Kornit DTG systems and available for upgrade with existing systems, Konnect gives print businesses best-in-class digital connectivity.

Service, Support & Warranty

Our goal is customer peace of mind through the highest uptimes and production output possible. We deliver time sensitive case solving services and ongoing training to empower a system operators’ success. Choose from a range of programs to ensure that your on-demand production systems reach and maintain their best performance, no matter the scale of your business. Experience improved productivity, reduced maintenance time and high impression throughput with access to programs that offer savings on print heads and expedited support.

“From early days, it was obvious to us Kornit was in it to help us develop as a business. They help us in a lot of places, they help us run our machines, and they listen to us when we have problems.”
Andrew Lunt
Owner, T-Shirt & Sons
“We work with everybody from sports to entertainment to retailers to brands to platforms that all require high-end print quality as well as color accuracy, which is why we utilize Kornit.”
Shawn King, VP of Operations
Stakes Manufacturing
“We invested in Kornit for the reliability. It enables me to go to sleep at night, I don’t need to worry whether my shirts have been printed. I wake up in the morning, I know the work is done.”
Andrew Lunt, Owner
T-Shirt & Sons
“We have very demanding clients with IP, and Kornit systems are able to provide us the technology to execute those needs.”
Hallie Perrin, Director of Client Services
Stakes Manufacturing
Andrew Lunt
Owner, T-Shirt & Sons
Shawn King, VP of Operations
Stakes Manufacturing
Andrew Lunt, Owner
T-Shirt & Sons
Hallie Perrin, Director of Client Services
Stakes Manufacturing
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