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As consumers increasingly demand faster delivery, higher frequency of new designs and more sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing processes, on-demand direct-to-garment (DTG) production offers the only solution that addresses all these factors - while allowing business to seize on the opportunities the new digital landscape presents.

Kornit’s single-step, pigment-based systems provide the most sustainable solution in the market.

designed to provide textile printers with the flexibility and firepower to respond to the market’s needs, optimize production, scale business and grow margins.

Product Families

DTG Technology and printers

Give your business an unparalleled competitive edge with the industry’s most innovative on-demand systems - designed to re-think business, speed, quality, and ease-of-use.... Read more »

Complementary Solutions

Expand your digital efficiency throughout the complete end-to-end production process, producing more impressions with less time, effort, materials, and fuss. Whatever your creations, digital print is only one piece of the puzzle. Explore Kornit Digital’s ecosystem of proprietary and partner solutions to create complete digital efficiency throughout your operation, from POS to shipment of finished products.
  • Pallets From children’s wear to zipper hoodies to leggings to custom neck tags, optimize your Kornit DTG investment by offering more applications, expanding your product line, and creating new opportunities.
    • Dryers Ensure fast, reliable curing of your DTG-imprinted gear with dryers tested and certified to complement your Kornit DTG system for an efficient production process.
    • ColorGATE Ensure precise impressions of digital images using multiple file types, replicate licensed/brand colors exactly, optimize image depth and quality, and ensure accuracy and consistency across multiple systems and production sites with ColorGATE RIP software.
    ... Read more »

DTG Ink and consumables

Take a deep breath with our certified, eco-friendly inks and consumables - and make your production process cleaner and even more cost-efficient.... Read more »

Analytics and Data

Gain complete visibility and control over the entire production process, as well as invaluable insights to optimize your operations.... Read more »

The Kornit Workflows

Explore the workflow variety enabled by Kornit printers


Web-to-print solution for every business size
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From short to shorter

Introducting the micro-run, the evolution of digital textile printing
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Presto & Microfactory

Steamline your textile production and take your business to the next level
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From screen printing to digital

Adjusting to world trends. Reducing costs by moving medium runs to digital
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