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From screen printing to digital textile printing

Moving screen printing medium runs to digital printing, as a result reduce costs and free up your screen printers for the long runs.


The challenge

Overtime, screen printers started getting orders that were smaller than the typical screen printing order and averaged between 50 to 500 units per order. In addition, the requested lead time was getting shorter. While Screen printing was always cost-effective for long run jobs that have always justified the operational costs, this is not the case with the small to medium runs. It is difficult to justify and fulfil these orders.

Medium runs are becoming are growing part of various markets: retail, fast fashion, promotional and while e-commerce solve part of the supply chain challenges, the fulfilment part stayed still problematic. Digital textile printing is actually the only technology that can fulfil those markets needs on time, on quality and in the right price per unit.




The Solution.

With drastically lowered ink consumption and unit cost, the Kornit Vulcan, Mass customization system, is bringing the right solution for the small to medium runs. Screen printers are able to fulfill these small to medium orders and still be profitable and provide the orders to their customers in a very fast and efficient manner.



The results.

Screen printers can offer their customers a unique solution that allow them faster time to market, reduced cost per unit in small to medium runs and unlimited number of separations and colors per order allowing endless designs and colors.



“Kornit has found the sweet spot with the Vulcan for screen printers challenged with small and medium print runs that require speed to market“
Scott Valancy, COO,
T- Shirt Central