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Second Kornit Vulcan order to speed up digital print growth path at T-Shirt & Sons

A few weeks after the first order, one of Europe’s largest direct-to-garment print service providers further expands its fleet with state-of-the-art
digital printing technology

Dusseldorf, July 25, 2018 – Kornit Digital, (NASDAQ: KRNT), a global market leader in digital textile printing innovation, announces that T-Shirt & Sons (Westbury, UK), has placed an order for a second high-productivity, low cost-per-print Kornit Vulcan system in a few weeks’ time.
T-Shirt & Sons is a producer of quality printed clothing and accessories for high-profile clients across the globe within retail, art, music and charity markets. The company also offers dropship production services to garment retailers. T-Shirt & Sons has been one of the largest direct-to-garment printers in Europe over the last few years, with an impressive installation of 16 Kornit Avalanche 1000 systems, spread over two locations in the UK and the Netherlands.
On average, T-Shirt & Sons produces 9,000 garments per day, with peak time deliveries amounting to 18,000 garments per day. In May 2018, the company invested in its first Kornit Vulcan system to offer high-definition prints with an unparalleled color gamut and exceptionally soft hand feel to its customers. The smooth installation process, quick ramp-up and fast ROI of their new direct-to-garment workhorse, convinced T-Shirt & Sons to invest in a second unit quickly. The second Kornit Vulcan system will be installed in the third quarter of 2018.
The hybrid differentiator
Andy Lunt, co-founder of T-Shirt & Sons with his brother Jon in 1989, explains the decision based on digital print market trends: “Digital printing is a gamechanger to the garment decoration industry. The Kornit Vulcan keeps amazing us with its low cost-per-print, consistent ultra-high speed and its quality of print. We spotted the opportunity to bridge the gap between the ‘one-off’ fulfilled garment and the conventional ‘long-run’ screen printed garment. However, we needed a platform that makes financial sense to produce these medium runs digitally alongside flexibly printing one-offs at high speed during peak season. The Kornit Vulcan is the first one that delivers. We now print a run of T-shirts in less time than it would take for a screen job to be prepared, let alone for the screen print to be sampled, printed and delivered! This leading-edge solution saves us both time and money.”
Eyal Manzoor, Managing Director at Kornit Digital EMEA GmbH, comments on the importance of this installation: “With mass customization trending towards hyper-customization, digital print will quickly become an undeniable game changer for textile companies worldwide. The UK is a frontrunner when it comes to making textile history, and we consider T-Shirt & Sons a figurehead of how to transition from traditional to digital print in a business-savvy manner. Medium size runs on high-tech industrial equipment are the new margin makers as T-Shirt & Sons have demonstrated from their first Kornit Vulcan installation. A trend worth picking up on, validated by this company’s second Kornit Vulcan offer in a few weeks’ time.”
Kornit’s direct-to-garment flagship is the fastest of its kind in the market, capable of producing up to 250 high-quality garments per hour, with dark and light garments printed at the same speed. The Vulcan produces excellent photorealistic quality, featuring 60 new-generation print-heads with an advanced recirculating ink system in a six-color-plus-white configuration. The system caters for multiple print sizes and configurations with a maximum print size of 70×100 cm / 27.5×39.5 inch. Like all other Kornit systems, the Vulcan was developed around the company’s unique NeoPigmentTM patented printing process. Kornit’s water-based inks work on a variety of fibers (natural, man-made, synthetics and blends) and allow for inline pretreatment. After printing, garments are cured with a standard hot-air dryer. The inks are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and GOTS VERIFIED.
About Kornit Digital
Kornit Digital (NASDAQ:KRNT) develops, manufactures and markets industrial digital printing technologies for the garment, apparel, and textile industries. Kornit delivers complete solutions, including digital printing systems, inks, consumables, software and after-sales support. Leading the digital direct-to-garment printing market with its exclusive eco-friendly NeoPigment printing process, Kornit caters directly to the changing needs of the textile printing value chain. Kornit’s technology enables innovative business models based on web-to-print, on-demand, and mass customization concepts. With its immense experience in the direct-to-garment market, Kornit also offers a revolutionary approach to the roll-to-roll textile printing industry: Digitally printing with a single ink set onto multiple types of fabric with no additional finishing processes. Founded in 2003, Kornit Digital is a global company, headquartered in Israel with offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia Pacific, and serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. For more information, visit Kornit Digital at www.kornit.com.
About T-Shirt & Sons
T-Shirt & Sons was founded in 1989 by brothers Jon and Andy Lunt. They are the largest digital garment print and fulfillment company in Europe. They have two facilities, one in the UK and the other in The Netherlands. With the biggest fleet of Kornit presses in Europe, they are the market leaders in print-on-demand and fulfillment.
They currently operate one Kornit Vulcan short-run digital press and 16 Kornit Avalanche 1000 R-Series. T-Shirt & Sons can produce 18,000 digitally printed garments per day. They print on demand and provide a full service from order to delivery direct to customer or store. T-Shirt & Sons are ISO 9001 audited and Sedex members. More information at www.tshirtandsons.co.uk