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Sustainability & Eco Friendly Printing

”Sustainability is no longer an optional extra; the consumer and the planet demand change. Future-proof your manufacturing workflow by adopting technologies that will reduce climate change and preserve the world’s precious resources.”

Kornit Digital considers sustainability to be a core company value, and invests great effort and resources in minimizing the company’s environmental footprint. Kornit operates in a sustainable, responsible manner by developing digital printing solutions that are inherently more environmentally-friendly than both traditional and other digital printing methods in the industry.

Kornit’s products meet the highest sustainability standards with zero wastewater and a low carbon footprint, enabling on-demand printing that fits today’s consumer culture.

We work hard to empower our employees and the community, for our business and for the planet. We believe sustainability isn’t a passing trend but rather a mindset, one that we put into practice every step of the way.


Ireland – PRL registration Nr 2233


Water is the very essence of life, a precious resource that must be conserved. That’s why our technologies produce zero water waste and provide a sustainable print pathway to serve the world’s textile printing industry at any scale. The number one environmental risk factor in textiles is water pollution; the amount of water currently used, wasted, and polluted is staggering. Traditional textile processing pollutes 20% of the earth’s precious water sources, much of which is harnessed from vital freshwater tables causing social and environmental harm. The industry shift towards digital printing goes a long way towards reducing its environmental impact, and Kornit Digital’s waterless print solutions, free of pretreatments, steaming, or washing, are driving sustainable change across multiple applications. Preserving the world’s resources is a responsibility that we take very seriously; in partnership with our clients, we offer a clean, efficient solution that addresses the UN’s SDG sustainable development goals.
-Digital textile printing conserves water using inkjet technology. How? Ink is jetted directly onto the surface of the fabric – a hugely disruptive process that will revolutionize the traditional textile printing industry. Kornit Digital offers a new philosophy for textile printing – a simple one-step print solution that coats, prints, and finishes the fabric in-line using patented technology and zero water waste. The benefits offer a sustainable footprint. Minimum water is required for fabric pre-coating, printing, or finishing – a seamless process saving precious resources. Kornit technology provides an in-line print process for efficient, sustainable on- demand textile production.


As a global leader for change, Kornit Digital offers a suite of on-demand digital textile printing technologies that deliver sustainable manufacturing. Our technology frees both the manufacturer and the consumer from an outdated business model of overconsumption. Don’t want to make more than you need? Control inventory, speed up production, and deliver design diversity at any scale. Take control of your supply chain, shorten lead times, and bring production closer to the consumer. All of this will reduce your carbon footprint, save precious resources, and deliver increased profits.
-Switch to a sustainable printing alternative? Printing on demand reduces inventory, creates zero waste, offers design diversity, and is risk-averse. Intelligent manufacturing offers a high profit yield for all stakeholders. How? Workflow customization software interfaces with retail data to control inventory, reducing lead times and out-of-stocks, further reducing risk. On- demand production located closer to the consumer facilitates speed of production and accurate stock replenishment. All of this increases profitability for the manufacturer and the retailer, ending the cycle of overproduction by reducing landfill and environmental pollution in compliance with UN sustainable development goals (SDG).


Digital technologies use a fraction of the energy of traditional textile print routines. The earth is saturated with toxic carbon, 10% of which can be attributed to fashion industry production alone. Sustainable manufacturing processes deliver a reduced carbon footprint – in some cases, zero. Why? Harnessing green energy to manufacture in-line and on-demand using a simple process saves energy, and in doing so reduces carbon emissions. Kornit Digital strives to reduce the footprint of our company, our partners, and our customers. We deliver a future-safe solution to the pollution of the past. Sustainable manufacturing is in our DNA. Switch to clean, efficient textile production and join us in our mission to reduce climate change.
- As a clean technology with a reduced carbon footprint, the benefits of digital textile production are many. Using a simple one-step process, Kornit technology simplifies the textile workflow. Instant activation conserves energy; with no excessive dwell or set- up actions, the technology is primed for instant production at the push of a button. As a green technology, digital manufacturing produces no pollutants, toxic fumes, or waste effluent, reducing any manufacturing location restrictions. Smart manufacturing in digital production hubs offers new opportunities for digital production while also dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of the product itself when located close to the consumer.


Textiles envelop our existence, the planet, and our skin. But how do you protect your customers and the environment from toxic substances? Kornit Digital is committed to green certification and our products contain minimal hazardous substances. All of our products are certified and go beyond regulatory certification for the textile industry. Kornit inks are used for environmentally-friendly printing and are safe to the skin and children. Trust in our ongoing dedication to provide green chemistry and a future safe pathway for an equally green planet. Certification delivers trust – a vital component for upstream product validation. As the consumer increasingly demands sustainable verification, trust in Kornit Digital and our environmental mandate.
-Conserving the environment has been part of Kornit’s global strategy since day one, and we are committed to following new research and public campaigns focused on the environmental impact of textile dyeing and printing facilities. Through constant innovation, adjustments and dedication, we aim to not only meet the ever-changing industry standards, but surpass them. All chemicals are subjected to stringent certification. Our water-based NeoPigment™ inks are certified as free of heavy metals, formaldehyde, and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE), making them non-hazardous, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Kornit Digital’s environmentally-safe print solutions produce no waste, toxic fumes, or harmful effluent. As part of our waterless printing system, our Neo- Pigment ink and energy-saving process makes Kornit an eco-friendly printing solution. Be safe and secure in our sustainable digital textile printing chemistry.


Investing in people and the planet is essential to a sustainable future. That’s why Kornit Digital invests in both with the implementation of our corporate social responsibility commitment. Sustainability is front-of-mind and forms the core pillar of our corporate objectives. Community and collaboration throughout the textile supply chain empowers responsible manufacturing to deliver environmental compliance. Our technology is at the forefront of environmental change, and our employees and suppliers form the essence of our strategy – protecting nature, people, and the planet’s precious resources to deliver a global commitment to environmental stability.
- Sustainability is at the heart of our ongoing development. We value the power of community and work hard to disrupt the practices of the past to offer a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) that focuses our corporation and our partners to drive change. Investing in our employees to instill a culture of compliance across all stakeholders ensures we build responsible global partnerships and strategic alliances that go beyond regulatory obligation. Protecting our community and the planet is the essence of our ongoing commitment to reduce the impact of climate change. Our sustainable printing solutions and the community they serve remain our primary focus. Together we can make a sustainable impact and protect the earth’s resources.


From our product choices to supply chain interaction to people and actions in the community, we present data and information about our impact-driving activities. The report also provides detailed information about usage and savings in energy, water, waste, chemicals, emissions and more. Committed to our vision of boldly transforming the world of fashion and textile industry via sustainable on-demand manufacturing, in the report, we share in detail what we have done and what we will continue to do, setting mid-term and longer-term goals and KPIs for concrete action and results. to review our 2020 Impact Report - HERE>

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