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As a leader in the apparel and fashion industry, Kornit considers sustainability to be a core company value and invests great effort and resources in minimizing the company’s environmental footprint.

Kornit operates in a sustainable, responsible manner by developing digital printing solutions that are inherently more environmentally-friendly than both traditional and other digital printing methods in the industry.

Kornit’s products meet the highest sustainability standards with zero wastewater and a low carbon footprint, enabling on-demand printing that fits today’s consumer culture.

We work hard to embrace the latest innovations in order to continuously improve the sustainability levels of our solutions, as well as to empower our employees and the community.

We continuously strive to do better and achieve more, for our business and for the planet. We believe that sustainability isn’t a passing trend but rather a mindset, one that we put into practice every step of the way.


The number one environmental risk factor in textiles is water pollution. Did you know that the volume of water used in conventional dyeing and textile print processes could fill the Mediterranean Sea every two years! The amount of water currently used, wasted, and polluted is staggering. The industry shift towards digital printing goes a long way towards reducing its environmental impact, and Kornit’s technologies are leading this effort with a 100% waterless process utilized in every single printing system we manufacture. No pretreatments, steaming or washing required.

Neo Pigment Inks

Our water-based NeoPigment™ inks are absolutely free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE), making them non-hazardous and non-toxic. As part of our waterless printing system, our water-based ink and energy saving process makes Kornit an eco-friendly printing solution.

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Protecting the environment is not just a trend; it has been part of our global strategy since day one. One of our most serious commitments is to follow new research and public campaigns focused on the environmental impact of textile dyeing and printing facilities. We strive to reduce the footprint of our company, our partners, and our customers. Through constant innovation, adjustments and dedication, we aim to not only meet the ever-changing industry standards, but surpass them.

Safe Products

Many companies in the textile and apparel supply chain are proactively working to ensure their products are free of restricted substances. They subsequently receive relevant certifications providing assurances that printing on their textiles and garments will not involve hazardous substances, and deem their products safe and sellable everywhere. Moving to digital printing is an environmental, cost-effective and higher quality option for your apparel and textile printing needs and is the first step in leaving the toxic trail behind forever.

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