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What is eco-fashion and how it affects the manufacturers

The global textile printing industry is rapidly joining the “Detox” campaign calling on textile and garment manufacturers to eliminate toxic and harmful chemicals from the supply chain by 2020.
Leading global brands such as Adidas, UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON, Burberry, H&M, ESPRIT, Valentino and others have already signed the petition, thus committing to detox their apparel. Other major companies will soon follow. Thus, it’s only a matter of time before printers and their clients around the world will be required to adhere to detox standards. Many have already moved to digital printing – a viable option in terms of the environment, cost-efficiency and quality. In this vein, it’s critical that textile producers and manufacturers learn the relevant health and safety requirements to ensure their products comply; they cannot afford to lag behind in this global revolution.


This white paper details the environmental hazards prevalent in the textile industry, the global move toward sustainable industry standards, and how you can ensure your company’s compliance as well as continued success and profitability.

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