Make Better: Kornit’s 2022 Impact Report Highlights

Nogah Senecky
August 14, 2023

Image credit: Dudi Hasson

For the third year, Kornit shares our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) progress and performance. We invite you to learn a little about the thought process behind this important work and the results we’ve reached together with our business partners and customers. Here’s a taste of the full report.

Kornit’s Sustainability Pillars

Our sustainability motto is simple yet profound: “Enable the Change” and “Be the Change.” The first goal is to give companies across the industry the tools and knowledge needed to improve their footprint. The second pillar calls for Kornit’s own policies to create a better society. 

We consider ourselves and our partners agents of the change we must create in the fashion world and beyond. Without the dedication and direct involvement of leading forces in the industry, the necessary shift will not happen. 

Kornit’s sustainability strategy is focused on two meaningful domains: ‘Planet’ and ‘People.’ Sustainability and social goals go hand in hand, and we combine environmental goals with diversity-oriented ones. “We take our responsibility seriously to foster an industry that is cleaner and safer, as well as one that is more responsible and diverse,” stated Ronen Samuel, Kornit’s CEO.

Some Impactful Highlights

•In 2022, Kornit’s customers harnessed our technology for the greater good. They managed to save 1.5 billion kilograms of GHG emissions, the equivalent of taking hundreds of thousands of cars off the roads. In addition, a staggering 252 million kilowatts and 320 billion liters of water were conserved. 

•Thanks to our efforts, Kornit was recognized as a Bluesign® System Partner, a coveted title that celebrates companies championing chemical safety. Our new state-of-the-art ink manufacturing site in Kiryat Gat features 1,000 square meters of solar panels, allowing us to genuinely embrace solar energy. 

•88% of non-hazardous waste got a new life instead of heading to landfills, representing a 57% year-on-year increase. We’re working tirelessly to improve and implement new creative, innovative ideas.  

•47% of our company’s new hires in 2022 were women. That’s an increase of 18% in recruiting talented female Kornit employees who make our company better in every way.

Setting the Bar High with Goals

Just like Kornit’s technology, our ESG goals are future-facing and growth-focused. Our roadmap includes inspiring ESG goals stretching up to 2030, and the company is committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relevant to our business and the fashion industry. 

We aim to cut down GHG emissions by 75% and receive energy-efficient certification.

For all our facilities by the end of this decade, another central goal is to further improve gender equality to form a balanced workspace. 

Reducing emission rates calls for wiser production procedures that eliminate waste, which is considered one of the three leading methane-emitting sectors. Kornit’s product line allows businesses to embrace on-demand production, which eliminates a massive amount of waste and energy. Our recently-released MAX systems solve multiple challenges standing in printing businesses’ way to producing only purchased items, and we’re about to see more companies transition to a process that is better for their business and our planet. 

In a world where sustainability often remains a buzzword, we mean business. Our ultimate goal is to create a movement toward a greener, more inclusive, and more sustainable fashion world. Join us in making this necessary change a reality.

Want to learn more about our progress and goals? Check out our full report here.