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Global Fulfillment Network

Focus on your creativity not logistics.
Linking brands and creators with high-quality global production facilities to supply by demand, deliver flexible capacity, a best-in-class shopping experience, and industry-leading environmental sustainability. All running on the latest Kornit technology.

Agile, high quality, consistent production

Kornit has assembled a global network of certified on-demand fulfillment partners - qualified to produce a range of products on myriad textiles with varied print methods.
Unleash your brand’s creativity with practically limitless possibilities and, because all production runs digitally on Kornit on-demand textile production systems, every order is assured to be consistent, high quality and durable.

  • An expanding footprint of global partners with access to the full range of Kornitˣ software solutions for product design, online PoS, catalog & floor management, production visibility & control, logistics management.

  • Produce sustainably with the industry’s leading on-demand DTG and DTF systems that match demand to supply wherever and whenever it is needed.

  • Eliminate costly overproduction and minimize waste to positively impact your brand’s profits and the planet.

  • Produce nearshore and onshore in agile production facilities to react quickly to the latest trends and reduce lead-times.

  • Simple, seamless let Kornit handle production and logistics so you can focus on what matters most – your brand.

How does it work?

The Kornit Global Fulfillment Network allows brands to match supply to demand, when and wherever that might be needed.

01 & Brand Store
Brands continue to create and deliver their unique brand customer experience, on and offline.


Create a Link to Kornitˣ
Brands choose which items to link to the KornitX platform, setting the parameters for production globally.


Order Management
The order immediately links to KornitX and is routed to an appropriate fulfiller in the Kornit Global Fulfiller Network (GFN) with the blanks and systems to start the production.


Better Production
Fully digitized workflow manages blank inventories, RIP files, setup and QA’d production on Kornit systems.


Order Delivery
Finished orders are shipped to the brand or direct to consumers, whichever is preferred.

Make Your Products Better


Sustainable on-demand

‘Make Better’ and feel assured that your brand is leading the way with on-demand sustainable fashion

Quality, consistency

Kornit’s on-demand digital technologies assure superior quality, consistency, durability.

React to trends

On-demand production means no missed sales, quickly re-stock the hottest selling items

Maximize profits

Producing only what is needed, when it is needed, eliminates costly overstocks, markdowns, write-offs