What’s Next: After Generative AI, Which Technologies Will Transform Fashion and Interiors?

Nogah Senecky
May 11, 2023

When we think of trends in the context of fashion, what comes to mind revolves around styles, shapes, colors, and fabrics. But another layer we should consider is the technologies and platforms consumers use, as they significantly impact purchasing choices and methods. 

One recent example is generative AI, which currently attracts a lot of interest from brands, shoppers, and fulfillers. This technology became a huge hit with the release of ChatGPT’s new version, reaching over a million users within five days of launch and setting a new record for rapid growth.  

We’ve discussed how generative AI can impact fashion design, and now it’s time to take a look around and dive into other technologies that are set to transform the retail and fashion world.  


Augmented Reality (AR) is a fascinating field that transforms shopping in all areas. It allows shoppers to use a connected device (such as smart glasses or their smartphone) and add another layer to the physical, real world. A recent study by Deloitte shows that more than 100 million consumers are already shopping with AR online and in stores. A recent move by AR leader Snap offers easy tools to implement this technology and promises to make AR more accessible to retailers everywhere. Here are a few ways they can use this technology to make better fashion choices: 

  • Visualize how items would look without visiting stores or entering fitting rooms. Shoppers can also upload items from their wardrobes and see how they match specific garments. 
  • Virtually place home décor items at home to see how they fit. This 3D AR technology is put to use by major brands like Walmart. For digital printing businesses, AR will allow users to try different prints and determine which ones work best for their space. 
  • Add a content layer that will reveal facts about the item and its manufacturing process, making issues like sustainability and fair trade more transparent and prominent.
  • Create virtual showrooms and runways, inviting shoppers to attend the biggest events in the world from anywhere. 
  • Generally speaking, AR is a perfect way to advance on-demand manufacturing. It allows shoppers to enjoy many benefits of physical shopping without asking businesses to produce the items in advance.

Credit: © Walmart

Internet of Behaviors 

We’re already living in a connected world, and technologies like AR will move even more daily actions online, generating valuable data about who we are and what we prefer. This may seem scary and requires carefully-designed data privacy regulation, but it is also an excellent opportunity for brands and shoppers. 

The Internet of Behavior (IoB) technology takes connected devices, AKA the Internet of Things (IoT), to the next level. It gathers and analyzes data and implements psychology techniques to anticipate our needs. When AI joins the party, it all becomes that much smarter. In other words, our data will reveal what we want before we know we want it. Last year, H&M started testing smart mirrors that recognize customers’ items and offer personalized recommendations accordingly.

Courtesy of H&M

Fashion brands will be able to predict the next trend based on their audience’s data, make personalized suggestions, and customize the shopping experience with real-time, location-based recommendations. Many of these capabilities already exist but will become more accurate and beneficial as technology advances.

3D Decorations

Bringing as many capabilities as possible to on-demand manufacturing and expanding businesses’ creative playground is critical. That’s why Kornit’s XDi 3D decorative applications are so exciting. 

3D printing can be used in so many areas, but XDi offers a whole new interpretation with threadless embroidery, high density, vinyl, screen transfer, and other innovative effects. Businesses everywhere can produce 3D prints on demand and create new, innovative prints we’ve never seen before.

Pixel to Parcel, ‘Vittoria’ Collection by Yanky & Nataf, printed using the Kornit xDi technology
Image on the left: Elizabeth Shkliar, Image on the right: Haydon Perrior

Our Next Move

Technology never takes a break, and neither do we! In fact. We’re getting ready to reveal a few cutting-edge capabilities very soon. 

The next revolutionary technology from Kornit will make its debut at ITMA 2023. We’ll unveil the new Apollo system and many other surprises. Can’t wait to find out more? Watch our social channels for more clues.