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A new level of style and class to any occasion. Custom napkins is one of the growing trends that any print house can easily support using the right Kornit Printer. The Kornit Storm Duo is the best match if you are printing mainly on light garments.

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Vegetables Napkin

Cotton napkin printed on the Storm Duo

Rooster Napkin

Cotton napkin printed on the Storm Duo

Any Fabric or Print, One Ink Set

All the Kornit printers use one ink set for any fabric type or application

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Full Customization

With Kornit you can customize or personalize any tee from a cotton crew neck to a tri-blend v-neck, a polo shirt and more!

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Pre-Treatment Free!

Kornit's unique printing process does not require pre- or post-treatment

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Did You Know?

All the Kornit printers enables complete integration with web-to-print platforms

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Rose Embroidery Napkin

Cotton Napkin printed on the Storm Duo

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