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Growing demand for natural fabrics and blends driving Brodelec business growth. Brodelec has partnered with Kornit for over a decade and owns several direct-to-garment printing systems.

Hugo, the Sales Manager from Brodelec tells us “As soon as we discovered the Kornit solutions we immediately saw the advantage of small quantity customization and in 2005 we started using their early systems. My father started in the embroidery industry in 1977 and very quickly became interested in other technologies such as screen printing, transfer and in 2005 digital printing with Kornit. I arrived two years ago to continue this fabulous adventure.”


Introducing Kornit Avalanche Hexa R

Kornit DTG pallet operation
Brodelec has now six Kornit Avalanche Hexa R machines in its production halls.

“The colors are really bright, the level of detail of the print is impressive on Kornit machines. This really gives us a boost in our market thanks to state-of-the-art machines, says Hugo.
The technical facts, in particular, were convincing. For even better productivity, improved quality and richer printed colors, we decided to purchase a Kornit Avalanche Hexa R, which promised not only all of that but also prompt delivery. Since 2005, Brodelec has been focussed on small quantity customization, fast delivery and the promise of perfect print results. The first machine exceeded expectations in no time, so the company soon placed orders for more Kornit Avalanche Hexa R machines. Brodelec has now six Kornit Avalanche Hexa R machines in its production halls.
« Working with Kornit Digital systems allow us to respond to small volumes of order which allows us to offer a wide choice of product to our customers. We are constantly renewing the Kornit experience because we have invested several times in new technologies and the next step for us is to switch to HD technology on our 6 Kornit Avalanche Hexa.”


Expanding the business to roll to roll printers

Brodelec Presto operation
Brodelec chose the Kornit Presto S as it is the only single-step solution.

“The continuous innovation by Kornit has been instrumental in growing our business over the years. We see many opportunities for customized items in both furniture and fashion, and once again Kornit has provided us with the highest quality and the most sustainable solution that meets our needs.

Based on demand for natural fabrics and blends in the home décor and fashion markets, they are now expanding their offerings to include bespoke direct-to-fabric services. Brodelec chose the Kornit Presto S as it is the only single-step solution and therefore the fastest route from design to finished product, making it the most efficient and eco-friendly fabric printing solution in France today.
Since they have been working with Kornit Digital, Brodelec has been able to expand its business.
“Working with Kornit Digital for 15 years allows us to turn to roll textile printing (R2R), we will be able to approach a new clientele in parallel and open new markets. Kornit Digital is a guarantee of excellence. Working with them customers trust us. »