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The supply chain for the digital age

Discover our global certified fulfillers network KornitX

Experience rapid restocking and trend adaptability, ensuring consistent, reliable retail-quality production wherever you are.
Unleash creativity through seamless brand and creator connections to top global production facilities. Enjoy supply-on-demand, flexible capacity, and a best-in-class shopping experience with industry-leading environmental sustainability, powered by Kornit technology.

Create only what is

KornitX, our global network of certified on-demand fulfillment partners connects brands to a high-quality global production, capable of delivering highly flexible capacity; a best-in-class online shopping experience; and industry-leading environmental sustainability.

Unleash your brand’s creativity with practically limitless possibilities and, because all production runs digitally on Kornit on-demand textile production systems, every order is assured to be consistent, high quality and durable.

Produce nearshore and onshore in agile production facilities to react quickly to the latest trends and reduce lead-times.

let Kornit handle production and logistics so you can focus on what matters most – your brand.

  • React rapidly to trends delighting your consumer and maximizing sales with agile fulfilment of the hottest selling items.

  • Eliminate markdowns producing only what is needed, when and where it is needed, protecting your brand’s reputation.

  • Increase profits and better manage working capital by producing to match demand, avoiding costly inventory.

  • Drastically reduce waste by making better fashion with on-demand production - the most sustainable solution available.

  • Real-time visibility and control of product demand and availability across all channels and retail outlets.

  • Eliminate costly overproduction and minimize waste to positively impact your brand’s profits and the planet.

  • Produce sustainably with the industry’s leading on-demand DTG and DTF systems that match demand to supply wherever and whenever it is needed.

Make Your Products Better


Scales with you

Easily expand your global sales reach with just a few clicks, publishing single items to multiple channels - FaceBook, Instagram, Website, eBay and much more

Minimum order of one

No minimum orders. With digital on-demand printing, open new possibilities, whether it’s 500 tees or a one-of-a-kind design.


Easily monitor and control your entire end-to-end business workflow. From online selling to sustainable production to delivered finished goods.

Endless connections

Powerful API capabilities allow precise configuration to meet your brand’s unique needs. Connect and measure performance across multiple channels.