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Kornit Avalanche HD6

Introducing the Kornit Avalanche HD6, our robust, high-volume industrial print system with HD technology. This next-generation printer significantly lowers ink consumption and enables a softer, immediately noticeable hand-feel. Get extraordinary quality printing for a fraction of the cost.





All about Kornit Avalanche HD6

  • Exceptional printing profitability

  • Resolves screen challenges, providing a profitable solution for sub-500 run lengths and one-offs

  • Screen-print quality and hand-feel at a fraction of the time and cost

  • Ink recirculation technology delivers higher uptimes and ink savings

  • Unique configuration of 6 colors (+ White) enables limitless design and customization

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The latest Kornit development – HD printing technology for the Avalanche series – translates industry challenges into opportunity. This game-changing technology enables digital printers to effectively compete with screen printers, fulfill any job in any quantity, and increase your printing capacity. Using half the ink required by previous systems, the new Avalanche HD6 (powered with Neopigment™ Eco-Rapid) offers up to 50% lower Cost-Per-Print (CPP) while maintaining superior print quality and refined hand-feel, creating the softest DTG prints available.

The Avalanche HD6 is equipped with the Kornit HEXA configuration, providing one of the widest color gamuts on the market, allowing for unmatched color intensity and vibrancy. The advanced technology underpinning the Avalanche HD6 allows ink cost reduction in the range of 30-40%, and Kornit’s unique white ink formula uses less ink to get more solid white surface coverage, resulting in a much higher L value.
Print on virtually any substrate, from cotton to 
polyester, with ease and efficiency. Achieving a higher throughput with no additional operators, the Avalanche HD6 is truly the best professional printer for digital textile printing out there.


Max Production Output Dark garments: 130, Light Garments: Dark +25%
Ink Channels 6 colors CMYKRG + White
Printing Area Up to 23.5 x 35 in/60 x 90 cm
Max Printing Resolution Up to 1,200 dpi
Ink Recirculation System Integrated
NeoPigmentTM Ink Containers Bulk ink system supporting 4 Liter ink containers
Printable Substrates Cotton, Polyester, Cotton- Polyester Blends, Lycra, Viscose, Silk, Leather, Denim, Linen, Wool and more
Humidity System integrated
Operating system Windows 7
Max Weight Approx. 2200 kg / 4850 lb
Compressed Air Pressure 6 – 8 bar (90 – 116 psi) regulated
Operating Conditions 18°C-30°C / 64.4°F-86°F, Humidity: 45%-95%
Dimensions 138 X 91 X 67 IN / 350 X 230 X 170 CM
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Kornit Avalanche HD6 application samples

Case Studies

What sets us apart [in 2020] is that we have printed more t-shirts with Kornit than last year, and it is all because of the COVID issue.

Rafa’s Textiles

Company: Rafa's Textiles


Printing Needs:
Fast turnaround with low cost per print
Sustainable production practices
Precise RIP/Pantone matching
Ready-to-wear retail quality

Read how we solved the challenge with Kornit Avalanche HD6

Rafa’s Textiles

Since working with Kornit, we've been able to print on to a wider array of garments, we're able to print more, and were able to save a significant amount of money.

Snuggle Printing

Company: The Snuggle Printing Team is changing its printing process


Printing Needs:
Digital textile print
Integrated pre-treatment process

Read how we solved the challenge with Kornit Avalanche HD6

Snuggle Printing

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