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Our Waterless Process

Did you know?

Did you know that the number 1 problem in textiles is water pollution?

Did you know that the amount of water used in conventional dying and textile print processes can fill the mediterranean sea completely every 2 years!

Did you know that the clothes we wear and the textiles we use contain toxic materials that end up in our water resources?

The NeoPigment Solution

The amount of water our industry currently uses, wastes, and then pollutes, is staggering. The movement towards digital technologies is a good first step. The move to NeoPigment is even better!

95% less water, 50-60% less energy!

Kornit Digital offers a stand-alone solution that bonds our ink to your fabric in the most efficient, eco-friendly, water-free process available.

    • Environmentally friendly inks, non-hazardous, toxin-free and safe for baby-wear
    • Single ink set for printing on multiple fabric types with one machine, reducing ink waste, eliminating the need for cleaning between materials
    • On-the-fly inline fixation with internal integrated pretreatment system that eliminates the need for external processes – use what you need, when you need it

Whether using one of our DTG digital printers or our wide format Allegro textile digital printer, our patented technology sets the standard for new levels of completely nontoxic chemistry and digital sustainability.