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custom digital direct to garment printers.

Neo Pigment Ink

The industry's most versatile pigment.

Developed in-house by our expert team of chemistry professionals, the patented NeoPigment™ Ink family of DTG and roll-to-roll pigments provide you with an unprecedented color gamut and the ability to print any design, in any number of colors, at any level of detail. Designed to provide the most ecological and sensible solution to digital textile printing, you can print on the widest variety of fabric types with one ink set and experience excellent results time and time again. Read more
  • Internally produced

    Internally produced

  • Multiple fabrics, one machine

    Multiple fabrics, one machine

  • Vivid color combinations

    Vivid color combinations

  • Water based

    Water based

Lean and
Agile Process

All-in-one production line in one printer

Shorter processes mean quick turnaround for the companies who print with Kornit. With our revolutionary printing systems, we've put our customers' needs first, streamlining production and eliminating the need for pretreatment and multiple washings. In doing so, we’ve drastically reduced printing time from file to finished garment. Read more


Cleaner and more cost effective than ever

No pretreatments, steaming or washing required! A cornerstone of Kornit’s mission is to create printing technologies that not only meet but lead the global industry trend of reducing water waste and pollution. We succeed in this with a 100% waterless process utilized in every single printing system we manufacture.


Reduces waste, saves the planet

From the start, Kornit's commitment has been to create digital textile printing solutions in an environmentally responsible way. From our processes to our products, we develop ways to achieve stunning, vivid prints while simultaneously cutting water waste, preventing toxic run-off, and conserving energy. Read more

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