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Germany’s Green Button Hits All the Right Buttons

A few days ago, the German Development Ministry (BMZ) introduced a new and exciting initiative called ‘The Green Button’. This local certification creates solid environmental and social standards for companies to follow, including the payment of minimum wage, sustainable treatment of wastewater, use of non-harmful chemicals, and more.  The idea is to add a simple …customized readmore text

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Wellness And Our Fabric Of Life

According to various publications, the wellness industry has grown over the last few years at a rate of 7-10% annually, and since it is generating billions of dollars, it arouses a great deal of interest in the various areas related to it. “Wellness” is one of the trendy words we learned to roll over our …customized readmore text

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The Textile Industry, Post-Pandemic

With coronavirus shutting down both stores and factories due to fears of the virus spreading out of control, retail has been hit hard, and its supply chain—especially factories in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and many other places—has been hit even harder. In Bangladesh, for example, the garment and textile business accounts for 80% of the country’s …customized readmore text

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One World: Bonding Nature and Humanity on Earth Day

Earth Day is always an important occasion, but this year it has special meaning considering the global crisis we’re all experiencing and its influence on our behavior and our planet. With people staying home to keep safe, we witness wild animals roaming the streets, air pollution levels dropping, and other positive environmental consequences. Social distancing …customized readmore text

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Technology is in Style

Fashion finds itself at an environmental crossroads. The $2.4 trillion industry is a notorious polluter, accounting for 26.4 trillion gallons of water and 98 million tons of oil used each year during manufacturing and production. This, coupled with the vast amounts of clothing that are purposefully destroyed or thrown into landfills, makes fashion especially problematic …customized readmore text

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The Latest Trend? Sustainable Fashion

20% of global water waste and 10% of the global carbon footprint, billions of textiles in landfills—that’s the cost of having something new and cool to wear each season. But with the growing concern over the environment, it’s no wonder that young people are making sustainability the latest priority.   Ethical Fashion with Many Touchpoints …customized readmore text

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