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The Greenest Fashion Week Ever

No bottles of champagnes, no plastic cups, napkins or stirrers were needed for the 2021 Tel Aviv’s Kornit Fashion Week. In fact, for these shows that featured designs from the most iconic Israeli fashion houses, there was no need this year to send well- designed invitations to the guests, nor taxies for reporters or media …customized readmore text

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Seeing the Future from the Trees

We’ve long touted the sustainable, eco-friendly credentials of Kornit Digital’s inks and on-demand production process. Answering the call for a more responsible textile industry is one of our core purposes, and it is one we strive to honor in our daily lives, as well. That is why Kornit is participating in the “Climate Forest” afforestation …customized readmore text

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What sustainable fashion really means

The fact that sustainability is trending more today than a few years ago is definitely a blessing. Having said that, trends have the tendency of losing their genuine meaning. When it comes to sustainable fashion, we notice that many retailers and consumers want to support this crucial cause, but don’t fully understand what it entails. …customized readmore text

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