Take the Stage: What Fashion Week Taught Us About Memorable Runway Shows

Nogah Senecky
April 13, 2023

As the dust settles on the 2023 Kornit Tel Aviv Fashion Week, we’re still wrapping our heads around countless memories, surprises, and insights gathered in such a short period. Each designer and panel significantly impacted visitors, and the feedback we continue to receive is incredible.

This year more than ever, we’ve seen designers make bold choices that created a unique runway experience. These moves took their shows to a new level, and here are a few prominent steps worth embracing.

Invite Everyone to Your Party: Choose Interesting Representatives

For many years, we got used to witnessing the same type of models walk the runway. During nearly every Fashion Week show, we were happy to see such a diverse group of people wear the designs. This is yet another reminder that times have changed, and fashion must follow suit if not lead the way. A wide range of sizes in shows and in stores is the only acceptable option.

During Fashion Week, not just models of different body types, ages, and genders took the stage. We’ve also seen many celebrities, some making bold personal statements, participate in shows. Singers, politicians, actors, and social influences were all there.

Tell a Story: Creating a Dynamic Show

On the beautiful show of designer David Weksler, models created an entertaining, carefully-planned hectic scene and played various roles on stage. They interacted with each other, approached audience members, and stayed in character the whole time.

This is a solid example of shows that add another dimension to captivate audiences. Instead of just walking the runway once, the designs remain on stage for longer, with models/actors demonstrating their many features and proving how dynamic and useful the outfits can be. This is an excellent way to generate interest in the designer’s show and garments. More prominent designs can play “bigger” roles, and the story behind the show will teach viewers what the designer is all about.

Fashion in Every Sense: Include Every Medium

Fashion shows are events. These multidimensional experiences become greater than life when producers use every tool they are given. The Kornit Tel Aviv Fashion Week event is led by legendary producer Motty Reif, who knows a thing or two about going the extra mile.

A few examples include adding a digital layer to the show. Some shows, like that of high-end phygital fashion brand Placebo, were made for this medium. They go hand in hand with digital art, 3D creations, and more.

Another dimension that can be added takes place off stage and on social media networks. Collaborations with platforms like TikTok reminded creators and visitors that the show takes place everywhere. Audiences were encouraged to capture pictures and videos, share their thoughts, and post amazing content online. We’re all creators nowadays, and fashion shows should leave room for people to participate. Designers themselves can also share exclusive behind-the-scenes footage to tease audiences and boost interest.

Today’s fashion shows know no limits. Everyone’s a model, journalist, and critic. The event has no set beginning or end, keeping the entire experience fabulously fluid. At the end of the day, fashion can transcend limits, and that’s what we set out to do.