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Kornit Chemicals Policy

To whom it may concern,


Kornit Digital Ltd. and each of its subsidiaries are committed to delivering safe, eco-friendly, and high-value products to our customers. We value and develop sustainable products and manufacturing practices and are committed to working with partners who share those values.


From its foundation, Kornit Ltd. values and aligns with industry standards, including Eco Passport from Oeko-tex, GOTS, ZDHC MRSL, and other RSLs and MRSLs edited by customers and market leaders. To that ends, Kornit Digital Ltd. developed its own MRSL that surpass the individual standards certifications and ensure compliance with them. Furthermore, chemical management requires a systematic approach throughout all production stages from chemical inputs, usage, and handling through all areas of a facility to outputs, and also relies on traceability, transparency, and continuous improvement practices that Kornit started to implement.


The objectives of our chemical management policy include:

  • Developing safe and sustainable products
  • Ensuring compliance with Kornit MRSL requirements
  • Enhancing Kornit suppliers chemical management knowledge to ensure protection of workers, the environment, and consumers


Kornit Digital encourages all suppliers to avoid the use of hazardous chemicals and adopt best manufacturing practices in their facilities. Suppliers are expected to establish their own policies and management systems to meet Kornit Ltd. requirements.


Kornit may require chemical management audits randomly or as part of a systematic program to evaluate supplier performance. Additional requirements and processes may be introduced in the future to support the elimination of hazardous chemicals and associated risks.


We are committed to working with our vendors to promote sustainable manufacturing practices, phase-outs of hazardous chemicals throughout the supply chain, and efforts to reduce the impacts of our products.

To review Kornit’s MRSL, please send an email to Sergio Brandriss, Chemistry Regulation Manager, Sergio.Brandriss@kornit.com


This Policy will be reviewed periodically and updated as needed. Concerns and violations of this Policy can be reported to Kornit Digital’s Board of Directors, its non-executive members, or its subcommittees through our official grievance channels:


By mail to the following address –  mailto: Zach.Teplitzki@kornit.com


Yours sincerely,


Zach Teplitzki

Global product Regulation Manager

P: +972-3-9085881