Celebrating Diversity and Social Impact on the Fashion Week Runway

Nogah Senecky
March 14, 2023

The Kornit Tel-Aviv Fashion Week is one of Israeli fashion’s highlights of the year, offering a stage to the hottest trends. But behind every bright designer and glamorous gown, there’s a story—a personal journey filled with little battles and inspiring victories. 


Kornit is always looking for added social value. Every choice we make as a company has to align with our core principles of social responsibility, diversity, and sustainability. That’s why it should come as no surprise that our collaborations during Fashion Week feature designers who embody these values through their work, lifestyle, and personal history.  


As we roll out the red carpet and get swept away to a world of style and stars, we wanted to offer the stage to the remarkable personal stories of five incredible designers Kornit teamed up with this year. Here they are. 


The designer: Chana Marelus


Her unique POV:

You’ll never guess looking at her haute couture gowns, but Chana Marelus never formally studied fashion. She grew up in the Orthodox Jewish community and presents what is often described as “Haredi-chic,” celebrating women who follow societal fashion rules of modesty. 


The partnership with Kornit: 

“I created graphics of monochromatic objects with transparent depths, light, and shadow. Kornit’s technology allowed me to print the finest details and the softest color transitions, which I could not achieve with any other printing technology. The collection was sustainably printed on-demand on silk fabrics of the highest quality, using the Kornit Presto direct-to-fabric system. Kornit’s technology created placements of the elements and placed the graphics in flattering lines.”


The designer: Yanky & Nataf


Their unique POV: 

Yanky & Nataf offer more than a single POV as a couple that works and lives together. They design bright, bold costumes for some of Israel’s leading pop artists, including Noa Kirel and Netta Barzilai. When Nataf was pregnant, their designs included a dress she could feel comfortable and beautiful wearing. 


The partnership with Kornit: 

“Working with Kornit allowed us to break the boundaries of the materials we were used to using. With Kornit’s advanced technology, we were able to print on non-conventional materials such as mesh fabrics decorated with stones, leather, imitation leather, and polyesters of various types.


Kornit’s ability to accurately specify the color shades we aimed for in the print design and even reach a wider variety of printing colors opened up endless options for designing our unique prints. The collection was sustainably printed using multiple Kornit on-demand printing systems: Kornit Presto, Kornit Atlas MAX, Kornit Atlas MAX POLY, and Kornit XDi technology.”


The designer: David Weksler


His unique POV: 

The Israeli-Brazilian fashion designer loves presenting new, creative, revolutionary views through his work. His sustainable, genderless clothing line features streetwear, clubwear, and gaywear creations. This year, he will be opening Tel Aviv Fashion Week.


The partnership with Kornit: 

“The process of working with Kornit helped us turn dreams into reality and experiment with new ways of upcycling textiles. The uncompromising technological level has allowed us as textile designers to think in the most open and wild ways, turning pieces of textile waste into awe-inspiring works of art. The openness and dedication to finding a solution for every design and idea exceeded expectations. 

Combined with the pleasant work environment, it created an exciting, moral, cultural, and environmental project. 


The collection was printed sustainably using the Kornit Atlas MAX, Kornit Atlas MAX POLY, and Kornit Presto on-demand printing systems on imaginary materials like metallic vinyl and plastic fabrics, brocades with lurex threads, textured fabrics, fabric scraps, and sewn clothing details. The artworks are vivid and colorful, super detailed, and some are photorealistic, which came out perfectly using Kornit’s on-demand printing technology.”


The designer: Rotem Shaul (ROTEM)


Her unique POV: 

The future is female, and so is the perspective of ROTEM. The designer expresses a strong, feminine worldview that gives women a collection of their own. Her designs are based on sustainable materials, giving room and a voice to women’s emotions and movement. 


The partnership with Kornit: 

“The process of working with Kornit opened up new options to make my own patterns without limitation of fabric type, including the brand’s signature natural silk. The entire collection was printed on-demand and sustainably by Olaver Prints, with the Kornit Presto Direct-To-Fabric system using fine materials such as silk satin, perforated crochet lace, fine wool, silk organza, silk and cotton blends, crepe, etc. 


With Kornit, we were able to keep the fabric’s original shape. With forethought and great patience from the team, the experience was very easy and comfortable. We found a solution for every step and were able to reach accurate results.”


The designer: Roei Derhi (Placebo)


Their unique POV: As the founder of the Placebo Digital Fashion House, Roei Derhi brings together innovation, digital technology, and fashion. Placebo creates 3D, VR, and other forms of digital fashion for gamers, the Metaverse, and brands. 


The partnership with Kornit: 


“From digital to physical! Placebo crafted a more sustainable workflow to execute the brand’s designs by integrating technology into the design process. 3D technology allowed Placebo to skip the sampling stage, calculate the materials, and design prints on fabrics. 


Placebo used Kornit’s on-demand printing technology to imprint different fabrics and managed to create eye-catching appeal in the brand’s designs. The collection is printed using the Kornit Presto Direct-to-Fabric AND XDi technology using nylons, polyester, cotton satin, jersey, and spandex fabrics.”


Want to learn more? Check out this talented team’s creations on the runway at Kornit Tel Aviv Fashion Week.