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Capping Station Definition

Capping Station Definition

The capping station, also called a maintenance station, is a crucial component of any DTG print system, consisting of a pump, capping assembly, and wiper. The capping station protects the print head when it is not in use, and ensures it can pull ink through the system to prime and clean before printing. An exposed print head would clog up very quickly due to the water-based ink used for DTG printing. Some DTG printers have what is called a wet cap system; this helps to keep the print head moist while not in use and in some cases can flush itself through automatically. Keeping the capping station clean and running right is very important. The capping station is considered a consumable part and is typically replaced annually; proper maintenance will ensure optimal system performance with minimal long-term downtime.

Visit Kornit Digital for capping station specifications and recommended maintenance routines, or to learn about general maintenance requirements pertaining to Kornit DTG systems.