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Kornit’s Digital Printing Glossary


Post-Treatment Definition fashion

Post-Treatment Definition

Digital Textile printing uses either wet post-treatment or dry post-treatment processing for the fixation of the dye into the fabric after printing is done. For inks requiring wet post-treatment (such as acid and reactive inks), the printed fabric needs to undergo several steaming, washing and drying post-treatments. Inks working with dry post-treatment (Pigment and Disperse) only require a heat fixation process before the fabric can be used.

Kornit has developed its NeoPigment inks, 100% water-based, free of heavy metals,
formaldehyde and APE, making them non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable. These inks require no post-treatment, supporting our waterless printing process and our support of eco-friendly fashion. Learn more about Kornit’s sustainability efforts.