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Water-Based Ink Definition

Water-Based Ink Definition

Water-based ink is an ink made with water rather than plastic or PVC. Water-based ink can be split into two main ingredients, water and pigment. Water-based ink does not include plastic, which makes it a more eco-friendly option relative to plastisols. In the absence of a fixation agent, the ink seeps into the garment and dyes the material rather than sitting on top of the fabric, which creates a more consistent feel along with a more vintage look after a few washes. Water-based ink can produce some of the softest and lightest impressions, in some cases with virtually no difference in handfeel between the imprinted and non-imprinted sections of the finished piece. By using a fixation agent that bonds water-based ink to the fabric, rather than having the ink be absorbed, Kornit’s system is able to offer printers the ecological, toxin-free benefits of water-based ink, without sacrificing graphic detail, brilliance, and versatility, areas where plastisol ink usually holds an advantage.

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