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Kornit’s Digital Printing Glossary


Cost-Per-Print Definition

Cost-Per-Print Definition

Cost-Per-Print takes into account the production cost of the printed material, such as the ink, and substrate type to give a cost per print. The Total Cost of Printing (TCP), including administering, designing, creating and printing, excess printing and delivering the products to their final user/destination, should also be part of the cost-per-print calculation. Typically, printing itself only accounts for 15% of the total cost of the print process. For comparison, administering usually accounts for a staggering 60% of the total cost-per-print. To get the full price per print, factors such as administration, shipping & delivery and excess printing/waste need to be added into the total equation.

Kornit Has developed the Vulcan series, designed to reduce ink consumption and lower cost-per-print. Learn more about the Kornit Vulcan and what makes it the most cost-effective DTG printer.