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Soft Signage Definition

Soft Signage Definition

Soft signage is defined as the usage of soft materials for graphic display. In other words, the process of digital textile printing is soft signage at its finest, and includes many different types of fabric that are printed on for a variety of use cases, including garments, banners, flags, and more. 

Soft signage can either enable the creation of certain products, such as printed garments and flags, or change existing products in order to make them easier to deliver, transport or use. Many hard signage products, which were previously printed on hard surfaces like plastic, can benefit from this transition. There are endless possibilities for soft signage, and as the digital textile printing arena continues to evolve, the list of opportunities grows. 

To better define soft signage and understand what it is, we invite you to explore the digital textile printing world of Kornit and the different printing platforms, print applications, and ink sets used in the process.